Elisa Barretta Yoga 

​​I started attending Elisa's yoga class at Cedars-Sinai not long after I had been inju​red in a couple of bad falls.  I found that yoga strengthened me as well as allowed me to find deep relaxation.  I especially appreciate her emails asking for requests for the next class.  I have had to change classes due to a schedule change and enjoy the later evening time.  Elisa's class always has a good flow that when combined with deep yoga breathing, brings harmony in mind and body.  I have been practicing yoga for over 5 years and have had a few teachers in that time.  Elisa is one of the best yoga teachers I have had.  I am very thankful for her class and each time I attend, there is something new to learn and practice.

Lucy P.

I love Elisa's classes!  The atmosphere is so peaceful, her instructions are clear, and she challenges you at whatever level you're at.  I always feel so good when I leave class and carry her lessons with me throughout the week.  She's wonderful!

Joy V.

The class has done me a world of good.  I feel stronger and more flexible.  It is always a challenge and never boring!

Maria R.

 Elisa has been my teacher for about a year .When I started I was going to physical therapy weekly following back surgery many years ago... Now that I have been to Elisa classes I go to PT rarely.  I am an avid hiker and found that with yoga coupled with my hiking I feel so much better.  Thank you, Elisa, you have helped me so so much and I am eternally grateful.

Shelley H.

We are so grateful for Elisa and her generosity with us beginners.  What she brings to our practice and growth is so appreciated.

Gina W.

I attend Elisa'a yoga class at the Cahuenga Library.  Elisa has a very calming personality.  She demonstrates and talks through the yoga movements very calmly and patiently.  I look forward to coming to yoga. 

Rose B.

Elisa's class is well structured to meet the needs and level of her students.  All muscle groups are addressed and requests are always considered.  I have been challenged and also pleased and satisfied while doing her class

Phyllis B.

Elisa's yoga class is exceptional, vital, and interesting.


I really enjoy it every time I come.  I always look forward to Saturdays to come and participate in the very thoughtful class.

Marleny V.

Elisa is a wonderful and hands on teacher, and this class is the perfect balance of toning and stretch. I walked out feeling great! I will definitely be back.
(Class Pass)

Wonderful teacher-- super challenging but enjoyable
(Class Pass)

Elisa was great
(Class Pass)